The High Roller bonuses

When you enter a luxury goods shop you expect nothing less than luxury treatment from the personnel. Certainly you would not want to spend your money in a place where you do not feel appreciated and highly respected for the fact that you choose to stay there. Of course they understand this clearly in the best online casinos and have their staff specially trained to treat the players who are ready to spend a lot in the special way they deserve. The casinos that don’t understand this simple truth will never deserve the right to be called one of the best and our mentioning them.

The High Roller bonuses

But there is more to that than just the polite and respectful treatment. The online casinos usually have special offers for the gamblers who make large bets called High Roller casino bonuses. Only the high roller players are able to receive them and only the loyal ones will be entitled to especially impressive bonuses! How can you become a VIP player? Well, it depends on what casino online you choose to play in. But there are some universal rules that you will want to know.
high roller bonuses
First of all, the best casinos will start giving you loyalty points right from the moment you make the initial deposit. The amount of the loyalty points (as well as the fact if they will be called ‘loyalty points’ or in some other way) will depend on the casino rules. But in any case you will be thanked for joining the casino and staying with it by being given some reward for every single bet you make. So basically you will not need to do much on top of mere playing your favoring games and making valuable bets as you always do.

Still, there is one little trick here and you should remember about it. The percentage contributions of Loyalty points will differ with different games categories. For instance if you play Keno, Scratch Card games and Slots you will get the full 100 percent of loyalty points. And if you make bets on most Table games (including Hold’em and Craps) will bring just 25 percent. The lowest percentage of loyalty points payouts are provided as a rule for Roulette variations, Poker variation (10%); for Baccarat (8%), for Classic Blackjack and Power Poker (only 2%). So if you, say, have put a hundred credits on a Slot game it will give you ten loyalty points (which is 100% of the possible in this case), but the same hundred credits wagered on Casino War will bring just 50% (five points).

How else the online casinos welcome the High Rollers

Always, always the Microgaming, Playtech and RTG casinos appreciate if you make large deposits and then bets. Be ready to receive the greatest free reward bonuses for making impressive deposits. There are casinos that have special scales for this and will pay the most to the players who make the highest deposits allowed. And we must say that the rewards are totally worth the money provided. At some point you will not even know how others can possibly have small bankrolls! Because you will be entitled with full access to most exciting bonus offer within the week and on the weekends that will depend on how active you were recently. You will always know about these promotions and offers, since the casinos will send the info to your email directly.

So shortly, if you consider all these facts you will see that online casinos can offer a lot more to their VIP players than the land based casinos can even dream of. Countless free spins, loads of cash to play with, special bonuses and exclusive offers are waiting for you online. Plus, should you have any questions or issues you can always contact the VIP-clients support and they will help you within minutes.