Popularity of gambling in Britain beats records

Popularity of gambling in Britain beats records

Number of land casino and online casino players has risen more than twice.

The British regulator UKGC (The United Kingdom Gambling Commission) has recently published its latest report. The report contains various data on the gambling market of Great Britain within years 2009-2014. As the figures show the number of UK citizens who participate in gambling has now doubled if compared to 2013 and a lot more than compared to 2008. The UKGC explains this sudden burst by the impressive growth of online casinos popularity. It is true that amount of online casino visitors from Great Britain has increased dramatically within the last few years.

Some facts about online gambling

As is has always been the bigger part of online casino players are men. So they win the even bigger amount of jackpots. They also bring the bigger part of casinos profits. If we speak figures, the part of men from UK who participate in casino games online has increased by 13% and so the amount of men players vs women players is now 83% vs 13% in favor of men. Most women who play at online casinos choose games like the Microgaming’s New Big Chef slot online, Penguin Splash or other slots with cute animals in them. Men on the other hand choose sports themed slots or superhero slots, like Playtech’s Marvel series games.

Is it possible to always win

UKGC also points out that according to their research drop of a person’s income leads to increase of gambling activity. Apparently people try to compensate their material loses by playing at online casinos. UKGC reminds and we join in on this one, that online gambling is firs of all a way of spending time with fun and not a way of earning money. Despite the fact that leading Playtech, RTG and Microgaming casinos offer 97 to 98% revenue to their players, they had been created as business institutions always winning there is basically not possible. Thais is why they call them luck games, after all.