Top Microgaming bonuses

Top Microgaming bonuses

One of the best things about online casinos is that they offer tons of special bonuses. No land based casino can offer so many sweet perks simply because they have hundreds of employees to pay salary to. They have no choice but to set higher payout percentages and their hands are tight when it comes to bonuses.

Online casinos vs land casinos

Online casinos on the other hand have no bandages limiting them. They are free to provide up to 97% payouts to the players, exclusive welcome offers and creative bonuses. On the other hand at online casinos there will probably never be the unique atmosphere of a live casino. One will never get to dress up and run down to the casino online as he or she will to a land casino. Still, many will say that they are nothing but tired of the constant noise and crowds moving all around you.

Top online bonuses today

When online casinos were only appearing and the first gambling sites were just launching many of them provided free match bonuses for the deposits made by new players. In time however they had to ban the idea because some unfair gamblers started withdrawing funds right after the First Deposit bonus was received. So today it is difficult if even possible to find a match bonus with no requirements attached. But even with the requirements these offers are sometimes extremely generous and can reach up to 500%. Other bonuses to look for include Free Spins usually provided for new games.