Top 5 important poker stories of year 2015

Top 5 important poker stories of year 2015

Last year the poker world kept changing for better or for worse in many ways, but the fact is that 2015 was overall an excellent year for both poker and online poker fans.

Truth be told, initially we had a list of top 10 events. But we had to shorten it to top 5, because othervise the text would be simply too long. So we had to pick from top stories from the top stories and leave aside several interesting facts like the launch of online poker network in Nevada and Delaware. In the US the world’s largest yet Poker Series live tournament gathered crowds of players in May, and already in sommer several States desided to regulate online poker games; all because of their immence popularity. These facts did not find their place on our list. After all, the are not about online casinos and United States is a pretty far away land.

So without further ado, we present you

Top 5 important poker stories of 2015:

5. PokerStars site boycotted by players

In November the PokerStars site cut the rewards VIP players could earn and withheld loyalty points earned by playing high-stakes cash games. As the result, a bigger part of active players started their boycott of the site.

4. The new record set with 14th bracelet won

At the summer World Series of Poker, Phil Hellmuth won his 14th WSOP bracelet and set the new record which will be very hard to beat.

3. Dominance of McKeehen’s Main Event

After Jamie Gold had the WSOP Main Event champion in 2006 a single player dominated at the final table so unquestionably. But unlike Jamie, who owed his way into the largest prize in Main Event history to luck, Joe McKeehen simply annihilated his competitors with pure aggression.

2. Arrest and charges to Bryan Micon

In the very beginning of 2015 the Seals With Clubs online poker room claimed to have suffered a sort of hacker attack and suspended operations. The story developed into arrest and charges to Bryan Micon who was the chairman of the poker room.

1. New trend by Somerville’s Twitch stream

In 2015 we changed the way we treat online poker a great deal thanks to Jason Somerville. This man started streaming his own online poker sessions using YouTube and then moved to Twitch after creating the Run It Up brand.