Poker exciting

Poker exciting

Hello to you, all online poker fans! Today we will not talk about tricks and strategies, and there will be no useful yet sometimes boring advices. Let’s simply relax and discuss interesting facts about poker and its online poker sister.

Poker has a very rich history and we can go on talking about it for hours. As many of you do, we are sure. So no wonder this game has this many legends and superstitions surrounding it. Of course we cannot put everything exciting into just one article (or even two), but we will definitely tell what’s most worthy. So here we go!

A standard Poker deck miracle

First off – the cards. We all are perfectly aware that a standard poker deck contains 52 cards. But you will be surprised to learn just how many combinations one can make out of this standard deck. Care to guess? According to those who counted (scientists) there are 2,598,960 of them. Now that is some figure! The chances of a Texas hold ’em player to collect a simple pair are 5.66% and let’s not even get started on the street flash. May be you will now consider yourself a luckier person, when you know just how difficult it is in theory to get anything at all playing Poker.

Uncountable types of Poker

You think you know for sure how many types of Poker there are in the world? Well, think twice because most of you never played single one of the 150 Poker games. There may even be more, because obviously no researchers could reach all the third world countries to see what Pokers they play there. So tell it to those guys who claim to be tired by monotony of Poker. Especially when we talk about Micrgaming or Playtech online Poker games with adjustable settings or even live dealers. Next time we will reveal several more interesting facts about this exciting game, so stay with us!

To be continued.