Poker exciting (more interesting facts)

Poker exciting (more interesting facts)

Last time we started discussing interesting facts about poker and online poker. Today we have some more exciting news for you.

Now let us tell you about a very curious coincidence (or is it a coincidence?), which has been keeping our attention for a long time. Perhaps many of our readers have already heard about this interesting fact, but those who did not know about it will certainly be surprised. So, we all know that the standard poker deck consists of 52 cards. But do you know how many weeks are in a standard year? That’s right, 52 weeks. Four card suits represent or identify (as you wish) four seasons.

A standard year features 13 lunar cycles, and a poker deck in turn contains 13 cards of each suit. And here is another coincidence … There are 365 days in a standard year. Guess what number we would get, if we summed up the values of all cards in a deck? That’s right! The number would be 365. Three hundred and sixty-five, Cards! Knowing all that, we should probably find another word to replace the word ‘coincidence’ here.

The smallest Ace and the Guinness record

Do you know for how long one can play poker without a single break? Well, there is a person who decided to find this out. His name is Phil Laak and he made it to the Guinness records book after playing poker for 90 hours straight! This may sound mad, but maybe he would not make it to the book if he wasn’t a bit mad.

Want to hear one more mad thing? Ace was once the lowest card in the deck and for a very good reason. The term ‘Ace’ actually originates from ‘As’, and before that from Latin ‘As’. This was the smallest coin, like modern cents and pennies and one can bay virtually nothing with it. So the value of an Ace was initially very small. On the featured image to this artikle you can see what the Poker Ace once looked like. But we can actually still see the hint that this card had the value of 1 even on modern cards, where a single suit symbol is printed.