The new Cute & Fluffy slot from Playtech

The new Cute & Fluffy slot from Playtech

Among the many advantages of Playtech games the variety of themes is certainly very important. The players like to know that no matter what mood they are in they will always find the exact game for it. At the same time the casinos like being sure that they always have what their visitors need. So the new slot Cure & Fluffy with its pet shop theme is going to find its decent place in the list of online casinos unique titles.

The new Playtech online slot

Despite what the name might suggest the Cute & Fluffy slot features not only the cutest puppies in the world, but also the cutest kittens. The game has the already familiar 5 reels and twenty five payouts structure. Since it is a rather high-volatility Playtech casino game it offers impressive large payouts but at cost of small and medium sized wins. All in all the game promises to be highly popular even despite the fact that according to our scouts one grows rather boring of observing the puppies and the kittens in a little while. It is worth mentioning here, that the scouts who have tested the game are both men so the comments might have been quite opposite.

More details on the Cute & Fluffy slot

Cute & Fluffy manages to host some impressive action on its reels. The coins range from just $0.01 up to $0.25 and there is actually no surprise there. A player can bet up to ten coins at once on each of the paylines making the bet size rise to impressive $62.5. This is already a bit surprizing. But the real news is that the multipliers can reach X2,500 and the top jackpot can be X10,000 the bet! The Wild and the Scatter symbols will certainly help in gaining the jackpot. By the way, the wild symbol in Cute & Fluffy is a wild puppy and a kitten serves as the scatter.