Play for half an hour

Play for half an hour

Playtech wants to gain a foothold in the market of casual games.

Early June is traditionally rich in news about high-profile mergers, that have already occurred and are just being preparing. The Dutch company Playtech did not remain on the sidelines, announcing the completion of the transaction with the famous Funtactix developer. This event has become a logical continuation of the policy of diversification and capacity expansion undertaken by Playtech in recent years, including last year’s takeover of Yoyo Games. This includes also creating Plamee studio that develops free-2-play games for social networks and mobile platforms.

Online casual casino games

The category of casual games in recent years includes a fairly wide range of different products. Their main features are lack of a developed plot (all of the action goes around implementing a specific task), and complex rules that allows even beginners to feel confident during their passage. The most striking examples are Worms, Pac-Man, Mahjong, Tetris, as well as chess, dominoes and many others. Often, casual games are built into the operating system, and social networking applications are submitted in a separate section. Superb graphics and accompanying text at least provides them with high popularity and steady growth in all segments.

Details on the future Playtech deal

Israeli developer Funtactix has already established an ambitious company, releasing a mini-game based on the “The Hunger Games” and “Mission Impossible” blockbuster movies. But although, the company employs 20 people and is recognized as a ‘rising power’, its territorial remoteness from major centers of Hi-Tech creative industry does not help in development. Thus, the decision to join Playtech team will open to Funtactix new opportunities to create even better products.