Top online pokies with fruit theme

Top online pokies with fruit theme

Pokies machines with fruit theme were the first ever, so probably every casino player on the planet is familiar with them. Such games are very juicy and have bright positive interface for the right mood, plus they let you play really low bets, and not just high-stakes. The free pokies machines with fruit theme are only available online, and they are only developed by the leaders like Playtech, Microgaming, Betsoft and such.

Free online casino games and not so free games

Clearly, the free games do not have the best jackpots. For the highest jackpots in the industry, online casino players should probably turn to Progressive Jackpot pokies like Mega Moolah and such. To date, the largest Microgaming Mega Moolah progressive jackpot won is almost $7 million. Smaller and less reputable institutions cannot provide such jackpots at all for any games, especially not for free. By the way, all the pokies of this type from Playtech are good because they run very fast (much faster than the Marvel pokies, for example).

Top three online pokies with fruit theme from Playtech

To date, it is namely in fruit themed pokies that Playtech has the largest jackpots. Just imagine how much money you can easily get with these games! For many of them the top prizes may seem just fabulous. The luckiest people enriched so that it is now possible for many years not to worry about how to spend so much money. The following are the top 3 games of such type with the widest opportunities.

– Fruit Mania. The famous progressive game with a cumulative prize of almost $1,000,000 and a fixed jackpot of 5000 coins.
– Funky Fruits. It has an even greater jackpot than Fruit Mania. If you find yourself lucky, you will win about $2 million!
– Funky Fruits Farm. In the basic game the casino visitor can win up to 33 spins and the multiplier in them is up to x15. 10,000 coins make the fixed jackpot.