The latest high-profile merger in the world of online gambling

The latest high-profile merger in the world of online gambling

The position of land and online gambling in the United Kingdom has been getting only worse over the recent years. Gradually, the value of shares of British companies involved in this area is reducing. It leads the imminent merger of large corporations.

888 Holdings and The Rank Group absorb William Hill

One of the biggest mergers in the world of gambling has been acquired by companies The Rank Group and 888 Holdings. It is worth knowing that today the 888 Holdings company is one of the largest public companies in the world of gambling. It offers a wide range of services for lovers of gambling entertainment. Its list of services includes poker, casino, and online gambling establishments. The Rank Group company was established over 45 years ago. To date, it is the largest gambling operator in the UK. The company William Hill, which will soon be absorbed, until recently was considered to be the biggest betting company in the world.

The results of the merger and what the future brings

Negotiations on the merger have been going on for months. Some rumors even gave way at the beginning of this year. It is believed that the merger is an important part of the largest gambling industry consolidation across Europe. This will allow gambling companies to stay afloat in a stricter regulation of this sphere of business and increasing taxes. This merger and coalition will be beneficial to all three companies. It will expand the offline and online business optimization costs. However, representatives of William Hill were more restrained in their statements and did not give a definitive answer to the question about the future of the business.