Online casinos choices to be avoided

Online casinos choices to be avoided

It is no secret that online casinos always have some certain set edge over their players. Nevertheless, pretty often lucky players manage to bit the chances and win more than they could even imagine. While the others keep wondering how it is even possible. The answer to this silent question is very simple – just start with avoiding the bets that are unnecessary and sometimes even harmful.

Not all bets are equally good

All the online casino games available at modern Microgaming and other casinos have certain bets that will only raise the casino edge rather than help players in winning. As a rule these are unnecessary bets can absolutely be avoided and they should be avoided for that matter. For instance there are the insurance bets at Blackjack. Despite the fact that most guides to this exciting game will state that such bets are better left aside, many players still keep making them. And when they do they only bring additional winnings to online casinos.

Other unnecessary bets

Top popular Craps games online also have suchlike bet option. It is called Roll Bets and a player who makes it increases the casino edge up to 16% right away! But besides the bets there are some games that simply have huge casino edge by default. The example that comes to mind right away is of course Keno. At this type of lottery the casinos are in 25% better position if compared to players. So think twice before you join it, unless you are a real fan.