Ban on smoking in casinos of Macau

Ban on smoking in casinos of Macau

Casinos of Macau will not hold strong financial losses from the ban on smoking, claim Bernstein analysts. The confidence of professionals from this famous company is based on a recently completed investigation. It shows, that gamblers do not pay noticeable attention to the fact they are not allowed to smoke.

What consequences will be

Bernstein experts conducted a survey of Macau casino fans. The main purpose of the study was to figure out the amount of players in the segment, which will leave the gaming area after the introduction of the smoking ban. The resulting figure has brought relief to gambling enterprises – only 1% of visitors said they would leave the tables because of that.

Commenting on the study experts acknowledged that theoretically casinos’ profits will decline slightly. However, the financial weight of smokers who refuse to accept the total ban would be negligible. Some analysts doubt the reliability of the results shown by Bernstein though. They believe the niche freed by the smokers will be occupied by players who cannot tolerate tobacco smell.

What is the current situation

Profile Committee of the Legislative Assembly of the city said that the ban could take place after the summer holidays. That is probably done in an effort to reduce the intensity of investors’ emotions. Officials are trying to introduce a complete ban on smoking, the local press says, but they are afraid the gamblers would shift towards online casinos instead.

Today in the casinos of Macau one can still smoke without leaving the tables only in the VIP-halls. The rest of the public can do it in special rooms only.