How to withdraw a no deposit bonus from online casinos

How to withdraw a no deposit bonus from online casinos

We are often asked in comments what the procedure of claiming a no deposit bonus is and how to withdraw it right after the initial deposit. Of course, the Bonuses & Promotions section of our site includes detailed information on this issue and our readers can turn to it any moment they like.

At the same time, there may be certain surprises when just getting to this bonus! So we decided to share most recent personal experience one of scouts received when registering at an online casino before the bonus was claimed.

So, step one in the process of claiming of your no deposit bonus. Many casinos ask us to make a minimum deposit to verify our account. This fact should not arise any suspicions in you and you really should not think that the casino wants to entice you out of money (of course this has nothing to do with fraud casinos, but those are easy to avoid if you simply choose one of the trusted Microgaming, Playtech or RTG gambling institutions from these lists. Now. If you used this information and checked the casino – then do not be afraid to make a real money deposit, because the money in any case will come back to you.

Step two . After you have made a minimum required deposit, the casino will ask for the documents. In most cases they will ask you to provide: a) a document confirming the identity (passport or driver’s license), b) a document certifying your place of residence indicated in the registration (it may be a bank statements or something), c) In addition to these documents, many casinos can request to complete some sort of fax back-form, which is easily downloaded from the online casino site.

Steps three and four. After you have sent the documents, the time comes to wait for their approval. This may take from 1 day or even a few hours up to one week. Finally, you will receive a letter from the online casino, confirming your approval or you will simply see your account status change to active. This will be it, and from that point you are a trusted and respected online casino player and a potential winner of a life changing jackpot.