Microgaming wants to bring online casinos into virtual space

Microgaming wants to bring online casinos into virtual space

Microgaming represented a technology, which is supposed to bring online casinos into virtual space. It is probably not a revolution yet, but it surely is a huge step towards our virtual future.

At the recent exhibition ICE 2015, dedicated to the best gambling technologies, the developer of software for the online casinos Microgaming demonstrated several latest achievements. Our scouts who were present at the exhibition say that what they saw gives every reason to assert that very soon online casinos will move into the new virtual reality created by advanced technology development.

The future is already here

In particular, Microgaming demonstrated interoperability of their software with technology Oculus Rift – a unique head-mounted display. The technology provides players with really impressive features. Thus, according to developers and to what was shown, the user of video slot machines, online roulettes or other games will be transferred into a parallel reality where the virtual dealers make bets and perform other actions just as if they were there.

Shift in online casino reality

Experts commenting on this move by Microgaming embraced the idea of involving the gambling world of innovative technologies very positively. In their opinion, it is due to the virtual reality that online casinos will finally be able to get rid of the lack of tangible compared to real gambling establishments – lack of surroundings and atmosphere of a ‘live’ casino. Oculus Rift technology completely recreates the atmosphere of a real casino, and in general, is able to move the player to any reality to his or her liking. We are only glad that Microgaming decided to use it for sake of online casino players.