Multiplayer pokies from Microgaming

Multiplayer pokies from Microgaming

We now have more multiplayer games to enjoy thanks to the leading Microgaming company.

One of the leading online casino software developers Microgaming has launched the renewed multiplayer versions of some of its most popular games. They are all pokies and their names are Centre Cort, Sure Win and Terminator 2. The releases’ periods ranged from late June to early August, so let us now discuss all these new games altogether.

Centre Cort multiplayer pokie

The first to see the world was the Centre Cort game. It has the original five reels and nine paylines structure spiced up with different bonus features. The theme of the pokie is quite predictably tennis, or if we are more precise – the world famous tennis championship competition. Good news is also that the game will be available in both downloadable version and the flash version. So the fun is now available on your mobile anytime and anywhere.

Terminator 2 multiplayer pokie

One of the newest and most popular online slots by Microgaming will from now on also have a multiplayer feature. The excellent tournament named Т-100000 with the prize pool of $100,000 and the more than impressive $10,000 provided to the winner is just one attraction to it. Actually, the first 100 players will receive prizes, but the winner will of course get the most impressive one.

Sure Win multiplayer pokie

Sure Win online pokie is getting not only the multiplier option but also the renewed design. Although the game is relatively new, Microgaming decided to add some edge to it and make the graphics even brighter. So the players who join Sure Win today will get even more emotions than when they joined this game a year ago.