Scammers are trying to find new ways to rob land casinos

Scammers are trying to find new ways to rob land casinos

Every year all sorts of scammers add millions to their bank accounts after leaving land casinos of Australia. The casino owners, in their turn, do everything possible and develop all sorts of tricks to save their money. And to do this they certainly have to know the enemy and, accordingly, their weapons. This is exactly what we are going to discuss in the article.

Are the scammers already in casinos?

As Sal Pyasente, the CEO of UniverSal Game Protection Development Inc. said,- there is a standard set of methods that the fraudsters use for decades now. For example, a kind of shuffling cards on the basis of which the player can calculate a combination. There can be fraud in Craps. For example, the displaced center of gravity of the dice in Caps. They even try to hide casino chips in the dealer’s cloths. As they say, sleight of hand and no fraud … as it may seem to others. After all, their tricks tend to be absolutely invisible.

How do land casinos protect themselves?

According to experts, the best option is to always be cautious. The more than numerous surveillance cameras also come the land casinos’ rescue. However, they are not always able to help. For example, when the dealer carries a stack of chips of one hundred dollars nominal value and takes a few pieces from the bottom, then the cameras will not fix anything, because they are all hanging from the ceiling. So there will always be a chance for fraud. Unless you are dealing with online casinos, where such things can never happen.