Flood in Las Vegas

Flood in Las Vegas

Torrential rains led to flooding of hotels and casinos.

Intense rains in Nevada, the United States, has caused an extremely unusual thing for this land – flooding. In Las Vegas, many famous casinos and hotels literally went under water. The city’s main gambling area, the Strip, took most damage from the ongoing nature disaster.

Luckily no people were hurt, although economic damage is really considerable. Life in the city is almost paralyzed due to flooding of roads and boulevards. The city and above all the gambling industry bears heavy losses. Ever day more gambling tourists prefer to stay at home instead of going to Las Vegas.

A very unusual event for Nevada

Typically, Nevada is one of the driest States of the USA and one of the driest places on Earth in general. Such intensive rains here is a rather peculiar phenomenon. On the Atlantic coast, on the other hand, rains are much more frequent phenomenon. So the government is taking every effort to handle the flood and avoid further economic damage.