The most effective way to play at online casinos

The most effective way to play at online casinos

There are two main things: choosing the right casino and making a large deposit.

Have you ever observed a high roller playing? They often come to a casino with the sum of $ 1,000 $ -15,000 and just begin to literally rip the pokies off the money (most often Microgaming games). The author of this article personally often plays pokies and almost every time when I sit and start spinning the reels I see announcements on the sidebar of the game, saying: ‘Player John C has won $17,000 in Avalon II’. Then in just a little while goes something like: ‘Player John C has just won $70,000 in Avalon II’. So I used to ask myself: ‘Why it keeps happening to anyone but me?’.

That’s the real game

I think recently I found the answer to this annoying question. The main key to the effectiveness of this approach is that with higher bets come much higher winnings. Odds are very high that with similar amount of time spent and spins made, the wins will come, but the amount of the wins will be absolutely different for players who make the smallest possible bets and for those who play big. Those who play with small deposits often simply donate their money to pokies machines and help creating larger top jackpots. The high rollers who come with in the end often just gather all the best, including progressive jackpots.

Table live games as a real chance to get rich

Let me tell you a story that I once witnessed for myself. I was playing live blackjack at the 32Red casino, making actually small bets. This was a multiplayer version, and I could see what bets other players placed. On average, the rates were $5-30, just like what I placed, but this one player bet $ 500 each time. If he got a good hand, then he doubled the bet up to $ 1,000. I even stopped my game for some time and simply watched him play. I do not know how well he had been playing before I showed up at the table, but when I was watching he was playing very well. So I realized one important thing and it goes like this – one $500 bet offers a higher chance to leave a table or an online pokies game as a winner than one hundred $5 bets!