Aussies got the title of the world’s most gambling people

Aussies got the title of the world’s most gambling people

Thomson Reuters Media company recently conducted a research according to which residents of Australia have confirmed the status of the most gambling nation on our beautiful planet. Only in the past year, Australians spent more than $ 20 billion on gambling, online gambling included.

This data means that the average citizen of the Land Down Under allows himself to spend about $ 1,130 on gambling, which is actually three percent of his or her average annual income. Approximately the same amount every Australian citizen spends on payment of petrol, gas or electricity.

The competition is tough

As for the total amount of money spent on online gambling entertainment – Australia is only in 6th place. For comparison, the 1 st place is deservedly held by the US, whose residents spent more than $ 14,3 billion., followed by China, Japan, Great Britain and Italy. However, the fact that Australia is home to 17.5 million citizens actually puts this country in the first place on the money spent per person. By the way, the average citizen of the United States does not spend on gambling more than $ 1,000 a year.

Gambling in Australia

It is not surprisingly that Australians are the most gambling nation, because in their country gambling, including online gambling, is fully legalized. Thus the population of Australia may attend both online and offline casinos without restrictions.