The Government of Turkey is to make gambling private

The Government of Turkey is to make gambling private

Several days ago the Prime Minister of Turkey Ahmet Davutoglu has offered his colleagues to “get rid” of all the gambling, Microgaming online casinos included, and transfer all rights for their maintenance to several private companies. According to the official, the privatization of bookmakers and betting organizations which are at the moment governed by state agencies will bring the country about ten billion dollars.

How the nation reacts to the offer

However, the public does not seem to share the rational approach of the Prime Minister, because the people have responded to the offer rather negatively. A wave of discontent was raised by the conservative media with the single goal of showing their dissatisfaction with the policy provided by Ahmet Davutoglu. According to them the state is simply trying to evade responsibility for gambling and does not think about its citizens in the least. Most religious leaders also did not support this government call and noted that Turkey should prohibit gambling once and for all to free all believers from the temptation.

Why make online casinos private

Still, the criticism is unlikely to have any strong effect on the leaders of the country. The decision has probably been already made, as it was recently in August 2014 when the government had handed over the national lottery to a private company and had earned on this transaction $ 2.7 billion. The tender was won NetSans-Hitay concern and the company is now managed by the National Lottery Agency of Turkey.

The facts show that online gambling is very popular in Turkey. Since land based casinos in the country are prohibited by law the audience of virtual clubs is growing. According to estimations there were more than 20 million gamblers who prefer to play slots online in Turkey last year. This figure must have only grown over the time period.