Europe Union will not have unified rules as for online casinos

Europe Union will not have unified rules as for online casinos

The European Internal Market commissioner Eljbeta Benkovski (Elżbieta Bieńkowska) recently stated that EU is not going to develop unified gambling legistlation for the whole continent. This means that despite the efforts of many online casinos and land casinos supporters as well as haters each EU country will keep following their regional rules when it comes to gambling.

European countries have different approach to online gambling

The statement in question was made in a response letter to a European Parliament member Mara Bizotto, who made the request as for unification of gambling market of Europe Union. Let us remind you that until recently Italy (the homeland of Mara Bizotto) was supporting online casinos and did not ban them in the country. But most recently the Venetian province government decided to ban online slots and other online casino games. It was clear from the letter that mrs. Bizotto was surprised that the Venetian government chose to lose 43 million Euro of taxes income in favor of mythical fight with gambling addiction which, according to recent researches, can scarcely be treated as a mental problem but rather as a way of earning money.

The position of European Commission as for gambling

The reply of Eljbeta Benkovski contained the following. According to her the European Commission has no intention to offer special gambling laws to different European countries. The commission is also not going to support campaigns aimed to tell about gambling addiction. So at least the balance is held here. The countries that have online gambling legalized are Great Britain, Germany and Italy to some extent. Let us remind you that one of the world’s largest online casino software provider Microgaming is localized in Great Britain.